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Air conditioning repairs and replacements in Summerville, SC

Air conditioning Summerville SC

Three common warning signs from your air conditioning unit

Is your air conditioner making ominous noises? Maybe it sounds fine, but is it cooling properly? Let Turner Heating & Cooling come and check out your cooling system concerns. We specialize in residential air conditioning and heating repairs in the Summerville and Lincolnville South Carolina areas. Our team of Heil inverter trained technicians is committed to providing you with fast relief all year long.

Many problems might arise with air conditioning units, but some are more noticeable than others. Here are the common problems you might have:

  • Air conditioning won't turn on - Your thermostat might have incorrect settings or power isn't reaching the air conditioning unit.
  • It's not comfortable in your room - Loose or broken ducts might need inspection or repair.
  • Utility bills are high - Spikes in operating costs could mean that your unit needs cleaning or repair.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, call 843-851-2288 today to schedule an appointment with Turner Heating & Cooling.