Keep Cool All Summer Long

Your preferred source for air conditioning installations

Even a few days without cool, circulating air can be unbearable in our humid climate. Brave the heat with a professional air conditioning installation service. Hire an HVAC contractor at Turner Heating & Cooling, Inc. to install your system. We have over 24 years of experience and will go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service.

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Don't ignore the signs of a damaged heater

When your gas or electric furnace is damaged beyond repair, it's best to set up a replacement as soon as possible. Call our team if your heater:

  • Is over 15 years old
  • Doesn't blow out hot air
  • Has severe connectivity issues
  • Makes too much noise while running

We'll remove your old heater and replace it with a brand-new unit.

Call now to set up your heater replacement.